Find Out Why a Digital Marketing Job is Perfect for Introverts

Digital marketing is one of the most exciting fields in the world today. If you are reading this, you are most likely considering entering the profession and trying to decide whether a career in digital marketing is the right for you.

Those of you familiar with the television series, Mad Men, may think of the Marketing arena as a dog-eat-dog atmosphere, where the alpha dogs win, and the nice guys lose, this notion is partially true, in the real world being contentious and tenacious does have its advantages; however, studies show that digital marketing is better suited to introverts due to the nature of the occupation.

Digital marketing allows introverts to leverage their personality traits to create extraordinary user experiences, attract quality leads, and develop well-tailored campaigns. This blog will detail exactly why and how introverts are primed to be the ideal digital marketers of the present and future.

The Introvert Advantage

So who exactly is this enigmatic introvert, and what makes this person fit to be a superb digital marketer?

We all possess inherent strengths and weaknesses. Personality traits affect how we function in the world around us. As an introvert, it is up to you to use your god-given qualities to your advantage. As we learn more about introversion, we understand more and more that being born an introvert is a gift. Introverts make great scientists, teachers, and computer scientists mainly because they have the drive to explore topics in-depth.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts also make great leaders too. Some of the world’s most successful and brilliant people are introverts. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg Warren Buffet, and JK Rowling are some notable introverts.

An introvert’s key strength lies in his or her ability to develop quality relationships with others. According to Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, and professor at Wharton, introverts will make better leaders in the future. From his studies on personality traits, Grant hypothesized the following:

  • Introverts are more effective than extroverts when communicating with initiative-takers (or proactive employees). Conversely, extroverts get better results when interacting with passive employees.
  • Introverts are better listeners. They are less likely to dominate conversations because they value the creative input and skills of their colleagues.
  • Team members perceive introverted leaders as more approachable and inclusive leaders, hence feel more motivated to contribute their ideas and work harder towards common goals.
  • Introverts are more likely to foster a virtuous cycle of pro-activity among team members because they see great value in taking the initiative.

If you are (or aspire to be) a digital marketer, you can seamlessly transfer the skills above into your daily practice.

Introversion is a superpower; if you can tap into your latent abilities you will be a very competent Digital Marketer.

Introverts See Leads as Human Beings

For those of you who don’t know, a lead is a person who has indicated some degree of interest in your business’ product or service. As a Digital Marketer, you will be tasked with creating an inbound marketing strategy that will nurture leads through the buying funnel until they eventually make a purchase or perform some valuable action. Far too often, I see digital marketers taking a mechanical approach when connecting with their audience. They fail to understand that leads are human beings who dislike being bombarded with generic lead generation messages.

To successfully connect with an audience, you must use empathy and be personable. As an introvert, you already possess these skills. Apply emotional intelligence to your communication efforts. The exchange of information between you and the customer must be meaningful to build loyalty and trust for your brand. If you are the classic introvert, you are predisposed to value meaningful interactions and relationships, so why not communicate with your leads in a meaningful way? Share relevant information about yourself with your customers—be transparent, open, and inclusive.

Once your audience sees you as a human being as opposed to a “virtual robot”, they are more likely to convert and be loyal to your brand.

The Kardashian’s are an excellent example of a family who built an empire by baring all in front of their audience. I am not saying that you need to share every intimate detail about yourself to the public, I am merely suggesting that you use the Kardashians as a case study since they are widely successful. Each Kardashian represents a different brand, and each sibling understands how to connect with their audience in ways that are meaningful and impactful. For example, Kylie Jenner started her business promoting lip fillers; she spoke to her target audience via social media in the same manner in which she would talk to her family or friends. Followers who emulated her (or wanted to be just like her) began to buy her product. Kylie’s lip fillers sold out in under 20 minutes.

Studies show that consumers are more likely to be loyal to companies that they connect with on an emotional level.

Introverts Are Curious and Observant

Einstein once said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albeit a modest admission, I have to disagree with this statement. Being passionately curious is a special talent. Einstein’s curiosity led him to discover the law of the photoelectric effect and contribute to the early development of quantum theory.

Follow your curiosity—it is your special talent.

Digital Marketers employ a wide range of software applications. Digital marketing is evolving side by side with technological advancements, and new technologies are being introduced every day. You have to continually adopt new technologies to ensure that your brand stays competitive and campaigns are optimized.

You probably began pondering existential questions from a very young age or devoting a great deal of time to learning about yourself. Introverts are naturally inquisitive creatures. Constantly learning new things would be a daunting undertaking, if introverts were not so curious. Introverts continuously experiment with new ideas and technologies, hence the reason why many introverts become successful inventors, investors, and technologists. Channeling your curiosity into your career will allow you to stay current and effectively tackle challenges that arise at work.

Introverts Pay Attention to Detail

Introverts process information more deeply and slowly than extroverts, due to the way their nervous systems react to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in regulating our memory, attention, and learning processes. Introverts are highly sensitive to dopamine and require less stimulation than extroverts to function. This sensitivity to dopamine is responsible for heightened powers of reflection and observation which, in the business world, translates to strong analytical skills.

Introverts tend to dwell on problems longer than most people do; they are more proactive than reactive when taking action and excel when offering insight from a big-picture perspective. Introverts are also more likely to stay mentally acute when tackling painstaking, complex problems, for this reason, you may find that there are many introverts in fields that require strong analytical skills, such as computer science and counseling.

Introverts Are a Creative Genius

Everyone is born creative, but the older you get, the more your creative impulses get stifled. Your action figures get taken away and replaced with math books. You are told that there is no future in the arts and you buy into that lie. Suddenly years later you forget who you once were and believe yourself to be uncreative or unimaginative.

The truth is, every human being is capable of generating creative ideas, the only difference is that introverts are better at creating ideas when alone, whereas extroverts prefer to brainstorm new ideas in a group setting.

Introverts have the ability (or superpower) to tune out the world around them and thoroughly introspect. Since introverts spend a great deal of time with their thoughts, they can more readily present possible solutions to critical problems, share ideas when prompted, and make better well-thought-out decisions.

In digital marketing, innovation is critical to the success of an organization. The companies that fail to innovate and develop new ideas are usually the ones that fall behind. Thinking outside the box when developing new marketing strategies will give your brand a competitive edge, help you to stay relevant, and enable you to identify new opportunities.

The takeaway—don’t be afraid to be creative!

Get in the habit of writing down your ideas, the more you practice, the easier brainstorming new ideas become. Pursue your passions, do what makes you tick—draw, learn a new language or instrument. All of these practices help to get your creative juices flowing and sharpen your mind.


This article was not written to underrate the significance of extroverts—both introverts and extroverts are needed in the workplace. In spite of the utility of both personality types, extroverts, throughout the ages, have been exalted for their outgoing personalities, whereas introverts have been thought of as timid and aloof beings, not able to communicate or offer value to an organization effectively. Only in recent years has society begun to recognize the talents and contributions of introverts. In this digital age, introverts have a lot to offer organizations. You are the storytellers, problem solvers, and creators that will drive innovation and create a better tomorrow. As a digital marketer, you will wear many hats, it is your responsibility to recognize the talents within yourself and use them to become a master of your craft.

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