Ranking the Batman Movies from Best to Worst

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Ranking the Batman Movies (1989 onwards)

Not all the Batman movies have been great down the years, but the journey of this epic superhero tale has been one that many will forever pursue. With the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, it is of huge debate as to how Ben Affleck will even rank among Batman actors, and how this movie will rate to recent hits...

Here is my personal list of Batman movies ranked:

Jul 25, 2015 - youtube.com - 1
'The Dark Knight' - the most epic Batman movie to date

"See I'm not a monster... I'm just ahead of the curve"... one of the many great lines to come out of The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger will forever be remembered for his portrayal as the Joker. The movie takes on multiple plot lines and integrates them together to create an intense climax. A menacing masterpiece.

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