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These 5 Tips Will Help You Build a Loyal Customer Base for Your Brand


1. Listen to your base
Some marketers hear, but do not listen—there’s a key distinction between the two. In order to succeed in social networks and content marketing, you must study what your target audience is saying about your brand and engage in discussion to know what is essential to your customers. Only then can you improve your brand, create better content and communicate effectively with your customers.

2. Focus your attention
It’s easier to focus on two or three networks than trying to be effective in all. You have more opportunities to succeed with a content marketing strategy to build a brand than pretending to be everything for everyone. Ask yourself these questions: Where do my customers spend most of their time. What are my main competitors doing? How much time do I have? After evaluating several factors you can make a more informed decision as to which social media networks are viable for your business.

3. Focus on quality, not quantity
I try to write one blog a week instead of one per day. This is a calculated decision because I want to ensure that each blog is providing value to my readers. It is better to have a couple of thousand online readers who share and discuss your content than one hundred thousand readers who only visit your website once.

4. Create unique content
If you post excellent and quality material and strive to attract a crowd of loyal supporters— exceptional individuals who engage with you and care about your brand— they will share it members of their social network on Twitter, Facebook, their own blog, etc. When users share and comment on your content, this creates fresh access points for Google, Yahoo Bing, etc. to locate it using keywords.

5. Share content from others
Sharing is caring. If you do not share the content of others, you cannot expect others to share your content and talk about you. Spend more time utilizing your social networks to communicate and speak about what others are publishing. This diversifies your information pool and satisfies your audience’s need for disclosure.

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