Darkness is all I see when I envision what the future would like if we do not strive to reverse the damage and destruction we human beings are doing to the ecosystem. Climate change is real; denying the reality of global warming, at this point, is absurd.

The consensus that humans are causing recent global warming is shared by 90%–100% of climate scientists article here. 

Moreover, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, average global temperatures are expected to increase by approximately 3 degrees within the next 80 years

Human causes such as greenhouse gas emissions, industrial process, fossil fuel combustion, and forest-related activities remain the main culprit in rising of global warming. 2017 was among the top 3 hottest years on record since scientist started to record temperatures in the 1880s. 2016, was the warmest year on record.

What does this all mean? Why should you be concerned?

To put simply, global warming puts pressure on ecosystems, impacting the habitats of plants and animals from all walks of life, aquatic and terrestrial. This negative impact can lead to a domino effect within the plant and animal kingdom which ultimately affect us human beings. The shift in seasons has already affected bees. Honey bees are dying at much faster rates than normal. Every third bite of food you eat is there because these pollinators have done their jobs by transferring pollen from flowers’ anthers while searching for nectar. The rapid population decline of bees is known as the Colony Collapse Disorder. Extinction of bees would lead to a global food shortage for all living animals.

Polar Bear’s status on the IUCN’s red list of endangered species is currently listed as “vulnerable.”
Polar bears depend on sea ice for hunting as they are not able to out-swim preferred prey.
Changes in sea ice have been shown to impact polar bear size, productivity, abundance body condition, and distribution

Scientists have warned that we are approaching the next mass extinction

The reality of extinction and the domino effect it can have is the reason for all of us to take action. Precious animals are losing their homes, their lives, due to the ramifications our so-called ” human progress” has on nature. Over 40% of the world’s species are estimated to be at risk of extinction. A plethora of other species is at a high risk of endangerment or threatened since their habitats are disappearing at a fast pace. According to www.panthera.org, “just over a century ago, more than 200,000 wild lions were living in Africa, today there are only about 20,000; lions are extinct in 26 African countries.” The IUCN reports that the polar ice cap is predicted to completely melt within the next 100 years, destroying many animal habitats, and drowning many of the world’s cities.

Are we progressing or regressing?

We have to ask ourselves, is it progress if we destroy the environment in the process? Moreover, as conscious beings, we have to realize that we have a responsibility to respect and protect the rights of other living creatures to have a place in this world. Earth is not ours for the taking. It is only with this understanding can we truly progress as a species and use our intelligence for truly constructive purposes. Harmony with nature will, in turn, secure our future.

Want to know how can you help stop climate change click here.

Need inspiration? I found Planet Earth TV series to be a  very environmentally conscious nature documentary that will open your eyes the devastation many animals are facing today.

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