CW’s ‘Batwoman’ Series Faces Serious Backlash


Model and Actress Ruby Rose revealed that for a complete season, the CW network picked up her Batwoman TV series.

Rose performs the title role based on a character of the same name from DC’s superhero comics. Batwoman’s television incarnation will be publicly LGBTI. The role makes her the first superhero to headline a TV series

This solo Batwoman series broadens the CW DC offerings and it definitely throws into question whether the DC streaming platform will be continuing or not. There is talk about Netflix acquiring the series after the first season wraps.

The trailer caused a huge uproar amongst a largely male YouTube audience. The 3-minute-long trailer featured Ruby Rose who plays a lesbian superhero- Batwoman. She has a black girlfriend, is strong, independent and is “not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.” The YouTube video garnered 272 thousand dislikes opposed to a mere 68 thousand dislikes. Most commenters found the trailer abhorrent—-weaponized feminism targeting the oppressive white male.
Many did not appreciate the undertones of the trailer which implicitly purports that there is an ongoing war where women and their varying social stratifications are pitted against men in a patriarchal tyranny. One YouTube commented that the trailer was pure unabashed propaganda, laden with gender politics, misandry and microaggression.


I am afraid the series might not have the success it seeks, especially given the backlash and negative reception from the male audience. I suppose we will have to wait for it to air. What do you think about this controversy? Did you like the trailer? Are you gonna to watch this series?

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