As a digital marketer with a range of clients in a variety of industries that I have worked with over the years, one question I get asked a lot is “Where can I see my ad appear in the Search Partner Network?”

If you are an entrepreneur, you may be familiar with the headache of dealing with this question on a daily basis. You probably are not sure how to answer this query in a way that will put your clients at ease.

The good news is—there is a list! The bad news, it changes regularly and Google does not disclose it. However, your clients do not care. They are adamant on knowing where their ads appear in the search network.

For your reference, here is an almost complete list of Google AdWords Partners

Many of the companies listed are no longer part of the Google Partner Network. From my research, the following companies are still members of the Search Partner Network as of May 2019.

First with the obvious—,, Google Play Store, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Finance, YouTube and Other partners include,,, CNN,, DoubleClick, AdChoices and Adsense publisher websites’.

There are 631,434 websites using Google Custom Search.

Here is the list of websites


These websites are places where ads might appear. Hopefully, this explanation will suffice when you are face to face with clients. Remember, with thousands of Google Search Partners, it’s not possible to see your ad appear in real-time on the Search Network. It is wiser to focus on A/B testing and your ad quality score if you wish to boost your conversion rates rather than fixate on seeing your ads live online.