Google Ads Restrictions and Guidelines – Simplified

Editorial guidelines 

There are strict guidelines on the type of language used in ad copy and display URL. For example, the following are not allowed: 

There are exacting rules on the kind of language utilized in advertisement duplicate and show URL. For instance, coming up next are not permitted:

• ‘Click here’ or “Click + here′ as a call to action

• Expletives

• Overly generic ad copy that contains unclear expressions, for example, “Purchase items here”

• Exclamation mark in the advertisement feature

• Repeated accentuation or images as C@$h, FREE, f-r-e-e, and F₹€€!!

• Symbols, numbers, and letters that don’t stick to their actual importance or reason

• Non-standard utilization of symbols, superscripts, images or characters

• Bullet points and ellipses, for example, * We purchase homes fast…. find out additional.

• Excessive capitalization (except if alluding to a brand name or normal abbreviation)

• Incorrect spelling

• Incorrect action word tense or subject-action word understanding

• Over reiteration of words

• Non-standard dividing of letters, words or images (except if a particular brand, item or trademarked term)

• Providing a business name that is something besides the area, the perceived name of the promoter, or the advanced downloadable application

Industry Restrctions

The accompanying businesses have promoting limitations set up (despite the fact that these can differ by country):

• Adult sexual services

• Alcoholic beverages

• Weapons that can cause hurt; for example, firearms

• Casinos and gambling

• Event Ticket Sales

• Financial items and Services (those identified with the administration or venture of cash and digital currencies)

• Counterfeit merchandise

• Fireworks or pyrotechnic gadgets

• Products from imperiled species

• Fake documents for example IDs, passports and so forth

• Websites that solitary presentation promotions No additional areas.


Do not do anything that’s going to make your ad stand out or look strange just from a visual perspective. So no extra spaces or stylized ad copy. i.e G3t a Fr33 Tri@l! Use a meaningful call-to-action.

People searching the internet would be more inclined to click through an ad text stating “call us now to schedule an appointment” or “check out our catalog to see our prices”. I highly recommend that you use a specific call to action that encourages people to make a meaningful action. I guarantee you will see an increase in your click-through-rate.

Good ad copy takes time but your efforts will pay off in the long run, just be smart. Focus on writing compelling ad copy by leveraging what’s unique about our company.

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