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Google Ads Restrictions and Guidelines


There are strict guidelines on the type of language and syntax that can be used in ad copy. Below I list the Google Ads restrictions that you need to be aware of when writing your ad copy.

Google Ads Editorial Restrictions

• ‘Click here’ or “Click + here′ as a call to action

ad copy example 2

• Profanities

• Generic ad copy with expressions, for example, “Purchase items here”

• Too many exclamation marks in the description fields

• Exclamation Marks in the headline

• Numbers, Symbols, letters that don’t adhere to their real meaning

• Non-standard utilization of symbols, superscripts, images or characters

• Bullet points and ellipses, for example, * We purchase homes fast….click to find out additional info.

• ALL CAPS. (Only proper case, lower case or title case is allowed)

• Word repetition, such as Hurry hurry hurry and shop now

• Using emojis or non-standard separators between letters or words

• Providing an incorrect business name. This means your ad can be flagged for misrepresentation. Whenever you advertise incorrect information you run the risk of getting your ad disapproved by Google.

Google Ads Industry Restrictions

The following industries have promotion limitations (these restrictions can differ by country):

• Adult sexual services

• Alcoholic beverages

• Weapons that can cause hurt; for example, firearms

• Casinos and gambling

• Event Ticket Sales

• Financial items and Services (those identified with the administration or venture of cash and digital currencies)

• Counterfeit merchandise

• Fireworks or pyrotechnic gadgets

• Products from imperiled species

• Fake documents for example IDs, passports and so forth


Trust me, you do not want to risk getting your ad flagged. Furthermore, don’t try to bypass Google restrictions. Google algorithms are constantly getting smarter and more intuitive. Accounts that receive a high number of flagged ads may get suspended, so word to the wise—be ethical when writing ad copy.

Good ad copy takes time, but your efforts will pay off in the long run. Focus on writing compelling ad copy by leveraging what’s unique about our company.

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