Top Gay-Friendly Carnival Bands in Trinidad and Tobago


If you are from the US, Caribbean or Latin America, you’ve probably heard of Trinidad Carnival. You may even want to partake in the festival but are not sure which band would be the best fit. Each band has its own color scheme and theme, and style. Some bands, like the one called Bikini Mas, feature revealing sexy costumes, while others are more conservative. Bands are divided into sections and each section has its own costume. You can view each costume on the band’s website. You also have to pay for the costume, so checking out the cost ahead of time is a good idea.

For some Carnival bands, you pay for the costume and simply march along with them. If you choose an all-inclusive band, however, your payment will not only cover the costume but also alcoholic and other beverages, food, and mobile washrooms. Spots for all-inclusive (as well as the popular mas bands) fill up quickly, so you need to make a reservation early on.

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Exousia Mas

Exousia Mas is a brand carnival band shaking up Trinidad carnival. During carnival 2019, Exousia Mas made a big impact on both masqueraders and judges. It’s one of the most welcoming carnival bands to hit the scene.


This all-embracing band, has prided itself on not sacrificing quality. It may be pricey the costume, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, food, security, mobile washrooms, and on-site paramedics, and make signing up worthwhile. They sell out yearly, so book early.


Not only does Yuma have some of the most gorgeous men and themed costumes, but this Mas Band also offers unique items with the packages, such as colored thongs, boy shorts, Premium Bar and Service and more.


From their extravagant costumes to premium service, Fantasy is dedicated to creating your Carnival dream a reality.

The Lost Tribe

Winner of the Downtown Band of the Year title, the Lost Tribe’s next goal is to win the desirable Band of the Year award. This band offers an exciting package which includes specially tailored costumes as well as meals, an exclusive lunch park, a dedicated DJ and more.

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