Born in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, I came to Canada to further my Digital Marketing Career. I have a degree in Marketing and a diploma in Computer Programming. I am an artist at heart, I love to create. This why I pursued a marketing career— through words, sounds, videos, pictures, I get to tell a story. I am always striving to create something different. I am also fascinated by big data/data analytics.  If you enjoy numbers, you’ll love the limitless ways you can utilize data in marketing. The field of marketing is exciting; it’s increasingly technical and you learn new things every day. I created this website because I enjoy blogging about topics that matter to me. I also write about the marketing best-practices I have learned in the industry. Visit my blog page, or my portfolio and check out some of my work.

What inspires me…

I’ve always had a passion for art but growing up I was told that it’s a dead-end career and that creatives end up penniless and miserable. Upon graduating with my Marketing degree, I realized that the cynicism surrounding creative jobs was unmerited; this digital age has opened many doors for creatives to live their craft. Curiosity has led me to learn a multitude of digital platforms. Marketing sparks your inner artist. There are always new designs to craft, tools to use, and ideas to come up with. Even if you lack creativity, there are many tools available for non-designers looking to enhance their skills in marketing.

You can find me on various websites. I am active on Medium.com, Quora and Reddit. My goal is to become a full-stack marketer, so I am learning new things every day. Follow me on my journey!

A full-stack web developer understands every layer of the technology “stack,” a full-stack marketer leverages different technologies to grow a business by any means possible.