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This is my personal blog. Ranking Scene is a term commonly used in Trinidad (my home country) for to describe when someone is acting like an authority on a matter.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek but I found it fitting as this blog contains listicles and topics that I believe are insightful.

Kerry Mayers

Hello! My name is Kerry Mayers and digital marketing is one of my passions. Professionally, I am a Digital Marketer who holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a diploma in computer programming. I have with 3+ experience in SEO, Paid Search Advertising and 2 years of experience in Web/Graphic design.  Currently, I am employed at Delta Growth (a digital marketing agency in Toronto). I am also a fitness enthusiast, bookworm & a sci-fi fan (yes, I am a closet nerd). Mae govannen—that means welcome, in elvish.

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