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In today’s digital era, there are new businesses emerging every day. With the advent of COVID-19, the number of online businesses has dramatically increased. The need for online marketing services has never been more urgent. The competition to rank online has never been fiercer. Having a solid marketing strategy is essential if you want to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. If you are in need of answers, visit my blog.  The information there is geared towards providing you with the knowledge necessary to make a living in the online world. I hope it helps!

 “The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body Is Page Two of Google.” – Unknown

I first learned about SEO when a friend approached me with a problem—he didn’t know how to rank his website on page one of Google. What followed was a spiral down the rabbit-hole. The more I learned about SEO, the more I realized how much about it I didn’t know. Many people believe that having a website opens their business up to the world, they are oblivious about search engine optimization, and can’t seem to wrap their heads around the ‘science’. The truth is, SEO is simple yet complex, tedious but exciting. It’s your worst enemy and best friend. You can’t succeed online without SEO.